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Top 3 Scents for Improved Office Productivity


The Introduction of Fresh Scents to the Workplace

Have you ever considered the possibility of introducing fresh scents to your workplace? While the vast majority of employers never really think about it, studies reveal that the introduction of fresh scents to the workplace can help boost productivity and employee morale.

Fresh scents also leave a positive impression on clients, which is why you should consider adding this to your to-do list. If you want a way to make your workplace more comfortable and appealing, regularly airing it out and using different diffusers and fresheners might be exactly what you need.

Introducing scents to your workplace is one thing, but identifying the best ones for productivity is another. Still, you need to take time to identify the right scents for your workplace. Obviously, you must consider several factors when choosing the scents.

After all, some scents might work well at home or in your car, but not in the workplace. Workplace scents will directly influence clients and employees, which is why you should choose something they can all appreciate.

lemon scent in the office

Here are the top 3 natural scents for workplace productivity:

Lemon in the Office

Everybody loves the smell of fresh lemons. Lemon scents have been used for many years to create a sense of fresh air in a variety of applications and come handy in workplaces.

Research shows that fresh lemon scents help boost concentration, which leads to a boost in productivity at work. Studies reveal that over 54 percent of typists and personal assistants made fewer typing errors and mistakes when exposed to lemon scents compared to those that did not.

It is also important to note that the sharp but inviting lemon scent can help make your business likable because it is usually associated with freshness and vibrancy. Both of these are attributes that you likely want your company/business to have.

coffee scent in the office

Coffee in the Office

Who doesn’t love their morning cup of coffee? Did you know that the fresh aroma of brewed coffee helps stimulate increased mental function and concentration?

According to a study published back in 2018 in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, introducing coffee-like scents to the workplace helps boost analytical reasoning and fast action on important matters among employees.

The aroma also helps trigger increased alertness and performance, which are some of the essential factors for making split-second decisions. The introduction of coffee scents to the workplace can therefore lead to a boost in productivity with just minimal errors.

office scent jasmine

Jasmine in the Office

Coffee and lemon scents are good for promoting alertness and productivity, but you can also try the floral jasmine scents which are not only milder but also more effective.

Jasmine is a highly preferred scent in the corporate world, especially where a lot of mental work is involved. The reason for this is that jasmine is known to contain properties that affect mood and brain waves positively, which makes it much easier to fight drowsiness and mental fatigue.

Like lemon, jasmine introduces an element of freshness to the workplace, which is another reason to consider submitting it to your workplace or office.

A freshly scented office is far more attractive and comfortable than a blunt one. Coupled with proper airflow, these scents are guaranteed to make your workplace highly relaxing and boost productivity. The scents are also readily available and affordable too.

If you’re in the GTA, get in touch with us here at Professional Choice and speak with our professionals who will help you identify the best scents to introduce in your workplace.

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