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Social Media and Online Reviews – A Blessing or a Curse


Why Care About Social Media Reviews?

Consumers love to write social media reviews when they have something good or bad to say about a company. If you can encourage a happy client to review your services, this can increase sale conversion.

business-review-thumbs-upThese days, people are in a hurry and social media reviews are usually really easy to find. They’re also a quick read because people usually keep reviews brief. This is great because it can also quickly build the chances of converting that consumer into a new client. While a few sentences may not give people the whole story, it’s more than enough space for them to convince others that they should give you a try. Since people check social media pages for companies all the time, it can benefit you as long as you get mostly positive feedback.

A Silver Lining

What do you do if people are flooding your page with negative reviews? First, you need to find out why they are doing it. Next, you have to work out what you can do to make sure these reviews stop coming in. Sometimes you may decide to discontinue a product or fire a bad employee. A negative review can be a blessing in disguise, however, a negative review can be extremely helpful to locate area’s that need improvement. Too many bad reviews in a row, on the other hand, can really hurt your company so you’ll need to stay on top of things and act fast. But even if that happens, if you can turn things around and make more recent positive reviews show up you’ll be fine.

You have to handle your interactions with other people with a little class on social media. Don’t just ignore them because this can give the impression that you don’t want to work with people. The customer is dissapointed-womanalways the person you need to be trying to impress, even if something went wrong. If you can make the situation right, they may edit the review and tell people that you did the right thing. It’s easy to just ignore someone because they’re being difficult, but if you can convert them into a customer again then this can be a powerful come back.

Reputation Management

With over 50 social media sites, and thousands of directories, there a lot of places where people can leave reviews. There may be a few reviews online that are affecting you sales that you may not be aware of. Luckily, there are agency’s around that can analyze your company’s online profile, identify negative media sources, and help you address these area’s. This service is commonly called, ‘reputation management’. Once you’ve located any negative reviews they can then either correct them or help you to work on fixing them. Sometimes it can be easy to miss something like a review that was written on an obscure site. An agency who handles reputation management can find out who is saying what where, and get the situation rectified quickly.

Try to keep up with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other sites that you use. If you haven’t got any social media accounts set up for your business, get some going. This will provide a specific place that people can focus their comments, rather than scattering reviews on various internet site that you may never see or be able to address. You probably won’t have a lot of time to mess around on more than a few sites at first. If your company gets big, you can get people to work on all of the main social networking sites but it’s best to build up to that. Hard work and dedication always pay off in the world of social media marketing.

Do what it takes to get those reviews? It can take a while to get the ball rolling, but it will happen.

Make sure you’re ready to do the extra work that comes with getting more people interested in your company and building and maintaining happy clients and customers.