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Emergency Cleaning

It happens, things get spilled, windows get broken, and things get dirty. Our emergency cleaning services are designed to help you get that mess cleaned up fast.

Get things addressed quickly and efficiently so you can carry on with your business activities.

Our emergency cleaning services cater to the cleaning needs of businesses

A business may require various emergency cleaning services depending on the type of emergency.

For example, in case of a fire, businesses may require smoke and fire damage cleaning services. Floods or water damage may require water extraction, drying, and dehumidification services.

Mold remediation services may be required in case of a mold infestation. Additionally, you may require vandalism cleaning and restoration services in case of any property damage.

Emergency cleaning services may also be needed for unexpected events, such as pest infestations, sewage backups, and storm damage.

Overall, businesses must have a plan and a commercial cleaning company in place for applicable emergency cleaning services to keep employees, customers, and property safe.

Professional Choice Cleaning Services Inc., has the equipment, experience and expertise and offers a wide range of commercial, industrial, or new residential and commercial construction cleaning services custom designed to coordinate with site schedules requirements.

Our team is here for you.

More and more businesses in the GTA are turning to Professional Choice Cleaning for their window cleaning needs.
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