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Disinfection Cleaning Services Vaughan, ON

Commercial Disinfecting Cleaning Services in Vaughan, ON

Get our professional disinfecting services to keep your office exceptionally clean and germ-free. In today’s health-conscious era, cleanliness is non-negotiable.

You would want to ensure a clean, healthy, and hygienic workplace to keep your employees happy. Plus, it will encourage your customers to keep coming back for more. And we are your dedicated partner in ensuring a spotless, sanitized environment.

Commercial cleaner disinfection

Do you want to work in a safer and cleaner environment? 

Professional Choice Cleaning Services Inc. has redefined disinfection services. We understand your need for a germ-free environment. Whether you are a grocery store or a business serving an at-risk population like a hospital, we guarantee thorough sanitation in every corner of your space.

Your safety is our priority. Our trained staff goes above and beyond to eliminate harmful pathogens. Experience a new level of hygiene with our disinfection services in Vaughan, ON.

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What Do We Use in the Disinfection Process

Our disinfection process is thorough and effective. We often use the tried-and-trusted electrostatic disinfection process. It involves spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects.

With this method, we can disinfect every nook and cranny of your workspace, making it germ-free. The benefits include:

Electrostatic Disinfection - How Does It Work?

Electrostatic disinfection is a process that utilizes a disinfecting solution to coat an entire surface. The applicator that is used during this process gives the disinfecting solution a negative charge inside of the nozzle. This causes the molecules that are charged to repel each other which can put them at a much more even distance from one another but also attach easier to the surface they are applied. Because they are charged and that charge is more powerful than gravity itself, they will be able to stick to the surface much quicker which allows for much more efficient disinfection.

There is a lot of science behind how it works. However, to put it simply, it works by giving the disinfecting solution a charge which allows it to stick quickly to a specific surface, and because of this, it can provide a full 360-degrees of coverage to that surface.

A lot of the surfaces you will need cleaning are completely neutral. Because of this, when an electrostatic disinfecting solution is used, it can attract easier to a surface with opposite polarity. For instance, the Clorox Total 360 works this way. To put it more technical, it is a shining example of Coulomb’s Law which works much in the same way as applying spray paint to vehicles in the automobile industry.


Why Is This Disinfecting Method So Effective?

The fact is, pathogens can survive for days at a time on surfaces. Even worse, these pathogens can multiply at a rate of (2x) in as little as 20 minutes when it is provided the right environment and food. This can create a lot of potential cross-contamination instances that would be best avoided. The conventional disinfecting and cleaning solutions can help to minimize the microbiological loads that can be found on a lot of common surfaces and objects. That being said, the evolved pathogens have adapted and become more resourceful. This has led to new strategies being needed to manage cross-contamination in a lot of different places. One of the best and most proven methods for limiting this type of cross-contamination is through electrostatic disinfecting because it features a broad-spectrum way of properly disinfecting complete rooms and surfaces in a way that other methods don’t allow.

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What Is ULV Fogging - How Does It Work?

ULV fogging is a method of cleaning that gets much deeper than our eyes would be able to see. This helps to make it one of the most effective disinfecting methods out there. The most widely used method for the application of disinfectants and various fungicides is ULV-fogging. This is an extremely quality technique and it can be used to properly disinfectant large areas including schools, businesses, and hospitals.

With this type of system, the treatment can be evenly and widely distributed on some of the surfaces that can be deemed hard-to-reach. This includes areas like ductwork which would normally be very difficult to disinfect.

Immediately following our use of specialized products with the fogging services we look to apply both prebiotics and probiotics to all of the surfaces to minimize viral infectivity. This can help to minimize contamination even further and help to protect those in the area from being exposed to impurities from physical contact.

Why Partner with Professional Choice Cleaning?

Choosing the right professional disinfecting services is necessary to ensure a germ-free work environment. And Professional Choice Cleaning Services Inc. is the right choice for you. Here’s why: 

Experienced Staff

Work with experts trained in the latest disinfection techniques, ensuring efficient and effective service.

Advanced Equipment

Our disinfecting services rely on state-of-the-art equipment.

Safety Protocols

We strictly adhere to safety guidelines, ensuring the well-being of your employees and customers.

Prompt and Punctual Service

Count on us for timely and reliable service. We will sanitize promptly without disrupting your daily operations.

What Our Clients Say

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Roy M
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Javier Vidal
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Michael Katchen
Working with businesses in the Toronto area, I get asked a lot for referrals. Professional Choice Cleaning has always come through as a dependable source. They're a larger firm with professional commercial cleaning crews all over the GTA area. Its always nice to get feedback from clients about companies that you've referred to them. Thanks again Michael Grist and Robert Callow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Cleaning involves removing dirt and impurities from surfaces. On the other hand, disinfecting aims to kill harmful pathogens on those surfaces.

Disinfection cleaning involves using specialized chemicals to kill harmful germs on surfaces. It helps ensure a safer environment.

We use a combination of ULV fogging, electrostatic disinfection, and high-quality disinfectants. Our goal is to ensure thorough coverage and effective germ elimination.

Our disinfecting services cover all areas of your commercial space, including high-traffic areas like doorknobs, light switches, and restrooms.

The frequency depends on the nature of your business and foot traffic. High-traffic areas may require frequent disinfection, while others might benefit from weekly or bi-weekly disinfecting services.

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