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Post Construction Clean Up


The Cleanup Process …

The cleanup process involved with a construction site can be both tedious and difficult. This is especially true given the contractor’s attention likely shifting to brand new jobs. However, despite the construction process being complete, it is a necessary phase in the job, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

By hiring a third-party company to handle the cleanup, the contractors can focus on what they are best at which is building. The service will be able to tackle the necessary legwork and time-consuming nature of cleaning up the site.

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The Cleanup Requires A Skilled and Experienced Hand

Upon completing any project, there is typically a mountain of debris and other stuff left behind. Much of the surface is likely to be completely covered in dirt and dust. Because of this, the entire cleanup process can be long and arduous. It is typically seen as an afterthought for a lot of construction companies because they simply do not have the requisite skills, experience, or the equipment to handle it.

Unfortunately, the cleanup process involves much more than basic cleaning and dusting. It’s not all about sweeping the floors after the project is completed. Instead, it demands the proper techniques, commercial equipment, and tools to get rid of the dust and to rid the site of potentially hazardous and even toxic debris. Because of this, it requires very detailed cleaning to ensure that the site is left properly.

Due Diligence During The Initial Phase

When you are aiming to find a professional cleanup company, you should be looking to identify one that has the requisite skills, knowledge, expertise, and equipment to handle it. Doing your due diligence during this phase should ensure that you can find the right company for the job.

Post Construction Cleanup Services Should Include:

– Complete wall, floor, and ceiling dusting and washing

­- Thorough cleaning of light fixtures

– Thorough cleaning of all doors and window frames

– Ceramic cleaning

– Vinyl floor stripping, steam cleaning, and spot cleaning

– Kitchen cleaning

– Bathroom disinfecting and cleaning

– Power washing

The fact is the cleanup portion of the job is where you can leave a good impression on your clients.

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Professional Choice has been serving local contractors for many years. You can count on Professional Choice to offer the requisite equipment and experience to ensure that every construction job is left completely clean and safe. Don’t waste your time cleaning up after each job. Hand off your cleaning duties to the professionals and win back the time that can be better spent doing what your company is the best at.  Contact us today!

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