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Office Plants and Why You Should Care!

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Plants for the Office

Having plants in the office may seem like a good idea—they’re good to look at, break up the concrete/glass/wood monotony and could even lead to increased productivity. Unfortunately, office plants are not without their fair share of problems. After a few weeks, you could see a few clumps in the corner that are dropping, shedding, or browning, and in the worst-case scenario, you could be dealing with dead plants on your hands.

We’ve all heard about it all too often, or even had office plants and forgone the idea because we just don’t understand where we went wrong. After all, we’d rather forget the whole idea of plants in an office space than greet our clients with dead or malnourished plants that look uncared for.

Not so fast… you should care, and there is a solution to your worries. You may be asking, ‘Why should I care about workplace plants? What’s the purpose of trying if they’re going to die anyway?’ That is a very good question, and we’ve got just the answer. Let’s change the narrative together!

office with plants

Why Should You Buy Plants for Your Office?

Productivity May Rise with Plants

According to several studies, office plants may increase employee productivity. A 10-year study carried out by Exeter University suggests that office plants in a neat workplace may increase productivity by 15%. How come? — Employees that interact more with their workplaces make better team players.

Plants are Natural Stress Relievers

According to a recent study from the University of Technology in Sydney, having plants in living spaces can reduce stress levels.

Decreased Absenteeism and Sick Leave

Want to record the lowest rate of absenteeism in your firm? Create a positive workspace, and believe it or not, it starts with adding more indoor plants to your workspace. A report by Human Spaces in 2015 showed that natural surroundings had a 15% higher rate of staff well-being.

Caring for Office Plants

Because things are easier said than done, you may be wondering, ‘So how do I do it? What is the best way to add plants to your office without killing them and without having to transform into a part-time botanist?

Here are 3 tried-and-tested strategies for taking good care of your office plants without having to spend hours “greening” your workplace.


Pick Wisely

The greatest advice for easy plant care maintenance is to select office plants that will flourish in your workplace with minimal maintenance. They include:

  • Snake plant (Sansevieria) – It has a stunning appearance and is a powerful air cleaner. The best part? It only needs little water and a little sunshine every few weeks.
  • Donkey Tails (Morganianum) – It is best planted in a hanging basket away from foot traffic to avoid knocking. It requires a little sunlight for its survival and watering once every 2 weeks will be enough.
  • ZZ Plant – These plants, which are advertised as being almost indestructible, are a terrific way to add some greenery to the office. All they need is a little bit of indirect sunshine and the occasional drop of water.
Make Everyone Accountable

A load shared is easier done. That said, assign one plant to each employee in order to maintain the health of all the plants in your office. This will lighten the load on workers, and it should encourage some competition and encourage your staff to interact with their surroundings more.

Keep The Plants in One Spot

Just like you’d not like to be moved from place to place every few days, allow your plant to acclimatize to one spot. Try not to move your workplace plants around too much, especially after locating the ideal location for them. Keeping your green companions in one place will help them thrive because it takes time for them to adapt to new situations (even if you’re chasing just a bit more sunshine).

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