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Commercial Cleaning Services Mississauga

Commercial Cleaning Mississauga, ON

If there is one thing that we can all be sure of, it is that no one likes working or living in a dirty environment.  For your productivity, comfort, safety, and health, as well as that of your customers and employees, it is critical that all surfaces be kept clean since most unwanted viruses and bacteria that people end up contracting come from surfaces that have been improperly cleaned.  Professional Choice Cleaning Services provides the highest quality janitorial services in the Mississauga area to commercial clients.  Our outstanding staff is completely trained in all cleaning methods to ensure your property is thoroughly and impeccably sanitized on a schedule that is customized to meet your needs.  Our goal is to make sure that the health of your patients, students, clients, customers, or employers are met at an affordable and reasonable cost. No matter what type of business you own, our full-service janitorial company is committed to providing the Mississauga area with excellence and high-quality service. Professional Choice Cleaning Services understands that to earn your trust we must do a thorough and complete job on every visit we make.  That might appear to be a very tall order, but Professional Choice Cleaning Services provides you with the peace of mind you deserve whether you are seeking a clean and healthy workspace for your business, school, medical facility, or restaurant.

Professional Choice Cleaning Services is very committed to saving you money while at the same time maintaining a safe and clean working environment, to protect your good reputation.  We understand that having a property that is badly maintained will be a poor reflection on the professionalism of your business.

Mississauga areas most renowned businesses have put their trust in Professional Choice Cleaning Services for over 25 years. 
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Office Cleaning, Stores, And Commercial Buildings

From individual offices to washrooms right up to the boardroom, it is very important to have a clean working environment for the moral and productivity of your office staff.  It is also crucial for your company’s professional image that you present a well-cleaned and organized headquarters.  We here at Professional Choice Cleaning Services, are a committed janitorial service that has a sharp eye for detail and provides you with the same reliability that you require your staff to have.

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Industrial Cleaning – Warehouses And Complexes

All of our Professional Choice Cleaning Services staff have been specially trained in how to properly clean industrial settings like production facilities and warehouses.  From removing boot scuffs and graffiti to ensuring all your equipment is effectively and safely de-greased and sanitized, our teams can improve your facility’s productivity.

Daycare Facilities And Educational Institutions

Schools are necessary for children’s development both socially and academically.  Clean daycare facilities have also become a necessity for today’s working parents.  Having so many children in the same place, unfortunately, increases the potential for the spread of harmful viruses and germs Professional Choice Cleaning Services offers safe and experienced janitorial services to all sizes and levels of daycare centers and educational institutions.

Medical Offices And Health Care Facilities

Specialized sanitation is required by clinical facilities such as medical and surgical centers to ensure the safety of Mississauga visitors, patients and staff.  If the environment is unclean it can cause infection, breed disease and result in serious illness for anybody coming in contact with the surfaces in the facility.

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Credit Unions And Banks

The majority of customers will judge your facility based on what their initial impression is of the cleanliness of the exterior and interior of your premises.  We have a highly trained workforce in Mississauga who deliver bank janitorial services that are unrivaled to those individuals who matter to your business the most – your clients. 

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Commercial Construction Cleaning

We are an experienced and reputable post-construction cleaning company.  Professional Choice Cleaning Services understands that after you have finished your building project, you want it to be ready for occupancy as quickly as possible.  We are very familiar with all of the debris and dirt that gets left behind, and we are fully-equipped to not only meet but exceed the very high standard of cleanup services that your construction site requires.  Our post-construction cleaning services that we offer include site clean-up, duct cleaning, and over-spray cleanings like on siding, stucco, and glass surfaces.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Professional Choice Cleaning Services is a professional commercial window cleaning company with more than 25 years of experience.  We know how to quickly and efficiently get the job done and at an affordable price.  From high-rise window cleaning to storefronts, you have a clear choice when it comes to hiring a company to do the job.  Excel Projects, our sister company, handles all glass railing repairs and replacement as well as high-rise window cleaning.