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How To Keep Your Warehouse Flooring Spotless


Clean warehouse floors aren’t just aesthetically pleasing …

As employees dutifully perform their daily tasks, warehouse floors are prone to accumulating dirt and debris in virtually no time at all. When floors are overly dirty, they can pose as a safety risk and a hazard causing worker accidents and the need for claims. A clean working environment not only benefits the company, but the workers and the consumers as well. From safer working conditions to lower chances of suffering long-term damages, companies should focus on warehouse cleanliness and safety standards.

Some companies will have staff responsible for cleaning their warehouses, but if this isn’t the case for your organization, hiring a professional cleaning company can help eliminate potential problems.

Clean warehouse floors aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they help streamline company operations and allow workers to perform their duties efficiently. It is easier to work in an environment that’s free from unnecessary clutter and is both clean and organized. Having a clean workplace can also help with employee retention rates as an organization.

Tips To Effectively Clean Warehouse Floors

Employ the use of the correct equipment for the task ahead.

It is crucial to employ the use of the right equipment to clean your warehouse floors. Both industrial and useful, an automatic floor scrubber is the most common tool employed. The machine is able to keep floors completely clean by removing built-up grime and eliminating dangerous spills. Though highly functional as a piece of industrial equipment, it is still recommended to sweep your floors before allowing the machine to do its job.

Make it a point to store cleaning supplies near employee stations where they can effectively and quickly work to clean up spills whenever they occur. Having some basic cleaning supplies and tools nearby allows employees to clean messes without bringing in industrial equipment. Most importantly, this eliminates the potential for dangerous slip and fall accidents.

Choose an appropriate warehouse floor cleaning schedule.

Most warehouses are active around-the-clock, therefore, it is often challenging to find the right time to clean floors. Cleaning shouldn’t interfere with regular operations, which is why a cleaning schedule can eliminate this potential conflict. By having a set cleaning schedule, workers can check when they can expect the tasks to interfere with working conditions.

Setting a schedule that works for everyone allows workers to perform their duties as required with minimal interruptions. Of course, a cleaning schedule will also benefit the warehouse floors as well since they’ll get cleaned promptly and effectively.


Outsource cleaning floors to a professional company.

Warehouse maintenance and cleaning tasks are best left up to professionals. As warehouses are constantly busy with employees performing their tasks dutifully, chances are, they do not have the proper amount of time to clean the warehouse themselves. Hiring professional cleaners will offer you a peace of mind knowing that your employees can fully live up to your expectations while working in a healthy and safe environment. Professionals will also work directly with you to perform cleaning duties on a schedule that works for your employees to ensure as little interference as possible.

Make sure to sweep floors before scrubbing.

Before scrubbing, floors should have as little caked on dirt and grime as possible. Most warehouses have flooring soiled by dry particulates that are easily swept up with the correct tools. An automatic floor scrubber can help ensure that your floors retain their shine and remain completely clean, however, not sweeping floors first may mean having particulars lodged inside of the machine. This in turn will directly cause the machine to malfunction or not perform as well as it should.


Always do a thorough job of cleaning warehouse floors.

Warehouse floors should always remain clean, and it is best to encourage your employees to do their part in keeping floors spotless. If any spill accidents occur, make it a point to let employees know they should clean it right away. Taking care of the problem quickly prevents it from progressing and causing an accident in the workplace. The same goes for trash. Any trash found on the floor should get thrown away into the proper receptacle.

As most warehouse floors are constructed from concrete, they’re prone to wearing out when subjected to high amounts of regular traffic. Forklifts and common equipment will leave behind imperceptible damage that is not easily seen by the naked eye. Unfortunately, the damage does become more prominent over time.

Rubber floor mats can help protect your warehouse floors from prematurely aging. To prevent common blemishes and staining, a concrete sealant can also help offer additional protection. For aesthetic purposes, regularly buffing the floors can keep them looking shiny and new.

Handle all spills right away.

Warehouses are notorious for dealing with dangerous spills on a regular basis. Usually, these spills are a result of oils left behind by forklifts and other industrial equipment. As soon as you or your workers detect any spills, they should get cleaned up to prevent the potential for accidents. Workers have the right to compensation if they get hurt on the job as a result of your negligence. As such, it is best to train employees to handle spills as soon as they become apparent and explain how to clean spills effectively and which cleaning liquids are appropriate to use.

Regularly empty warehouse trash bins and place them in prominent easily accessible locations.

Warehouse trash bins should get emptied at regular intervals. Bins that overflow with trash will cause dirt and debris to once again overtake floors. Containers that are too full also pose the risk of strewing trash across the floors and causing accidents when workers don’t notice. Trip and fall accidents are more common than you may think, but they’re highly avoidable by placing emphasis on a cleaner environment.

Empty bins will mean cleaner warehouse floors and a nicer working environment that employees will appreciate. Employees should have direct access to trash receptacles so they can throw out trash as soon as they spot it. It is best to have bins placed in carefully selected locations that employees can directly make a beeline for the moment they need to throw something away. No one wants to spend their working time walking long distances to throw something away, so make sure you give placement proper thought. Lastly, educate employees on when and how they should properly dispose of trash to prevent them risking the health and safety of other employees.

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