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How Electrostatic Disinfection Spray Effectively Sterilizes Surfaces

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What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Modern problems require modern solutions! With the COVID-19 coronavirus continuing to be a threat all over the world, both regular people and professional janitorial people are searching for better ways to disinfect and sanitize surfaces. This is particularly critical since it has been shown in a recent study that COVID-19 potentially can live on surfaces for as long as 28 days. When surfaces are not properly disinfected, the threat of the spread may exponentially spread in offices, workplaces, and much more. An excellent new technology called electrostatic disinfection is much more effective at killing germs compared to traditional methods and becoming increasingly common.

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How does this technology work?

Why Electrostatic Disinfection Is Superior to Regular Disinfecting Wipes

When it comes to disinfecting surfaces, the most common method is to spray them with alcohol or another similar germ-killing agent and then using paper towels or rags to wipe them off. Although that might be acceptable for daily cleaning, there are two reasons why it is not an effective method to kill dangerous viruses such as COVID-19.

First of all, sprays are frequently uneven, with some parts of the surface being coated, while others are left dry. That reduces the effectiveness of the disinfection. Also, paper towels and rags frequently just spread around the germs instead of killing them – especially when the rags are dirty.

Both of those problems are solved by electrostatic disinfection sprays.

A special disinfecting agent is used by the spray. While it is being sprayed, it gets sent through an electrode. That provides a positive elective charge to the atoms inside the spray, which causes them to stick to whatever surface they come into contact with. It is similar to how static cling holds laundry after going through the dryer. Instead of dripping off the sprayed surface, the disinfecting agent remains.

That also means that it is a lot easier to coat surfaces thoroughly using the disinfecting agent. It can as be very hard to clean all parts of a surface using traditional cleaning products, including corners on irregularly shaped objects, or deep crevices or cracks. When electrostatic disinfection methods are used, everything is evenly coated with the disinfecting agent, no matter what shape an object is.

These combined advantages are what make electrostatic disinfection a far better solution for getting rid of germs as well as other types of dangerous microbial agents.

Currently, this new technology is being used all over the world. Airports, bus depots, offices, janitorial services, and more are using electrostatic disinfection now to help prevent COVID-19 as well as other dangerous diseases from spreading. You should use it too if your office is potentially at risk.

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