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How to Get That Promotion Without Begging


Get The Promotion Without Begging


Getting a promotion is something that many people desire. However, not everyone who wants to step up does and there are many different reasons why.

If you want to get a promotion without having to ask your boss, you need a plan.

The following 10 points might help you get the promotion that you desire. Of, course, it will take some effort on your part.




1. Work for a company where you have growth potential.

If you want to grow in your career, you must be in a position where this is a possibility.

2. Continue educating yourself.

There are many ways that you can do this and it will depend on the field you work in. You may choose to get a higher or additional degree. This is a great way to show your boss that you take your job seriously and want to grow within the company. You can also seek out other opportunities to gain additional skills so you are as prepared as possible to move to the next level. You might be interested in a different part of the business your involved with, such as sales, ask if you could have the opportunity to prove yourself in an alternate skill or position than your currently in. You never know what could happen, it may work out great, and at least answer some questions you may have about your aptitude in that other area. This bring me to my next point …

3. Apply for new jobs posted by the company.

No, you probably don’t want to apply for every new opening that the company posts, but by applying every now and then, you can get your name out there and meet new people should you be interviewed for the positions. It also shows your boss and other bosses that you are interested in trying out new things. The more you know about the company, especially by working in different positions, the better prepared you

4. Be confident.

Confidence is a very desired attribute and you can show your bosses that you know your job and are able to do it with ease.

5. Be a team player.

Running a company requires teamwork and bosses want to promote employees that are willing to work with others. You can show you are up to the charge by helping your co-workers as needed, be respectful in your interactions, and stay out of the drama.

6. Stay up to date.

Bosses appreciate when their employees know what is going on. You can read news about the company, take notes during your meetings, and do all you can.

7. Be involved.

If there is a company party or picnic, go. Make sure to go to as many company functions as possible.

8. Go above and beyond.

Along with doing your job to the best of your ability, do all you can to do even more. This will show your bosses how serious you are about being a leader.

9. Be a problem solver.

If your team comes asking for solutions to problems, do some research and be sure to share your thoughts and ideas. The more you speak up and try to help, the more attention you will get.

10. Be a helper.

Once your tasks are complete, ask your boss and others how you can be of assistance.

The more you help and the more you are out in the company, especially a professional cleaning company like ours, the more visible you will be for promotion.