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Fall Cleaning Tips for Businesses


Is Your Business Space Ready for Fall?

Fall in the GTA is here and for a business cleaning firm like us at Professional Choice Cleaning, that means turning things up a notch and helping our clients keep their commercial spaces clean and appealing. If you run a business in the GTA and require professional cleaning services, do not hesitate to contact us. That being said, here are a few basic maintenance tips that will help you make sure that your business or work space is ready for fall.

Fall colours in the city

Clean the Roof & Gutters

This may not seem like a workplace cleaning tip, but water damage, mildew and mold can take a toll on your business premises when the gutters do not drain properly, usually due to clogs from debris. Water settling on the rood can ideally lead to leaks which make the workplace and unhealthy place to work in due to water damage as well as mold.

Get HVAC System Serviced & Ducts Cleaned

A malfunctioning HVAC system can result in problems that need cleaning. If your premises doesn’t get sufficient heat, the pipes could freeze and burst, leaving you with wet carpeting, stained furniture and ultimately, mold and mildew issues.  Keeping ducts clean and free of dust inside and out not only looks good, but will payoff for those working in the space as well.

Do a Late Summer Cleanup

Whether your workplace has workstations and computers, or do business in a workshop or warehouse, it is imperative to take time and do a thorough cleanup of the facility towards the end of summer. A clean facility will not only be appealing to your clients and partners, but it will help increase motivation and productivity among your employees. It will ideally ensure that the facility is clean and healthy for anyone who sets foot inside. If you do not have the time, skills or equipment to do a thorough late-summer cleanup, consider contacting us at PCC for professional assistance.

Clean & Maintain the Outdoor Region

Debris, small tree branches and leaves may not only get inside your commercial space but when it’s windy, they create a walking hazard for both your customers and employees. It is important to not only clean the yard around your commercial space, but ideally install an absorbent floor mat near the main entrance and if necessary, signs to warn people of potentially slick floors.

You spend most of your day in the workplace and so, it’s important to ensure it is as clean as possible. The start of a new season is always a good reason to take some time to clean and maintain your commercial space to ensure it is clean and healthy. It not only ensures the place is appealing but helps avoid health risks and other costly misfortunes.


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