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Choosing a Post Construction Cleaning Company


Just What Is Post Construction Cleaning…

and Why Should You sub It out?

When cleaning is done well, it can be the finishing touch your building needs. Grime, dirt, and dust are going to cover most surfaces after a construction project, so you need a cleaning company that can turn that workspace into something that sparkles, providing it with the level of attention it truly needs. Finding the right post construction cleaning company means finding a company that will provide you with a superior level of service.

When the construction is done, you will want to turn to a cleaning company has developed their own systems, using advanced methods and products in order to make properties sparkle. Ideally the company should have staff that are dedicated to top-notch service, meeting and exceeding your expectations, while using resources that are readily available to them so that they can get their work done effectively and quickly.

References are always a good idea and you want someone who has a proven track record of working in conjunction with builders and meeting project deadlines.


Post-construction cleaning services can include but are not limited to the following:

Dusting the air diffusers

Cleaning the lights

Damp-cleaning all restroom fixtures

Spot-cleaning all interior/exterior glass-

Spot-treating and vacuuming carpets

Damp-mopping all hard-surface floors

Post construction services may be also required on remodels and new constructions within the following settings to mention a few:

Restaurants and food/beverage

Retail outlets

Strip malls

Office structures

Student housing, universities, and schools

Hospital and medical facilities


Event centers

Laboratory environments

Municipal and government facilities

Credit unions and banks

Retirement and apartment complexes


On top of basic services, most companies perform cleaning services that are more specialized, like floor finishing, deep carpet cleaning, and window cleaning. Once you finish your remodel or construction, then your cleaning company can step in to give you recurring cleaning services better than anyone, given their intimate knowledge of that particular building.

Professional Choice Cleaning Services Inc. is Toronto’s builders ‘turn to’ company for post construction cleaning services since 1999. They have the expertise, equipment, and manpower to get the job done.  They offer commercial, industrial, new residential and commercial construction cleaning services custom designed to coordinate with site schedule requirements.

More and more companies in the GTA are turning to Professional Choice Cleaning.

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