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The Benefits of a Clean-as-You-Go (CLAYGO) Workplace

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Benefits of CLAYGO

Companies have used the clean-as-you-go (CLAYGO) policy for decades to ensure their workplaces always stay clean and pristine. The approach involves employees – regardless of rank or tenure – cleaning their workplaces when needed and/or appropriate.

Implementing CLAYGO is a simple and effective method of keeping workplaces clean. Leading commercial cleaners always recommends and helps their clients use this policy to maintain a clean and orderly work environment.

With the above in mind, it’s essential to note that certain cleaning tasks take precedence over others. For instance, cleaning liquid spills should take priority ahead of washing dishes. Generally, your employees have to consider the severity of the mess and the danger it poses in the workplace environment.

Keeping your workplace clean and orderly is not the only benefit your company accrues from adopting and implementing a CLAYGO policy. Below are the notable advantages of CLAYGO yields. Read on as they might persuade you to adopt the CLAYGO policy.


A Healthier and Happier Environment

Establishing a culture of cleanliness in the workplace can be daunting as people have different hygiene habits. Setting a CLAYGO policy helps to ease people into cleaning up after themselves. Over time, this will establish a culture of hygiene in the workplace that everyone is comfortable participating.

Consequently, you’ll have a hygienic work environment free of bacteria and other disease-carrying pathogens. Your employees will be happier with high standards of satisfaction and morale.

Reduced Hazards That May Cause Accidents and Injuries

Many minor accidents lead to injuries. Whether it’s a strip, slip, or fall, all accidents can cause cuts, bumps, bruises, or even worse, broken bones.

Fortunately, you can solve many of these risks by implementing CLAYGO in your workplace. Simple cleaning practices such as picking up clutter and closing cabinet doors can drastically mitigate accident risks. This improves safety, which, in turn, improves employee morale and satisfaction in the workplace.

Additionally, implementing CLAYGO can help you identify other risks that might go unnoticed in an environment full of clutter and disorder. Minor safety issues such as broken door hinges or loose floor tiles are difficult to notice in a room full of clutter. As a bonus, keeping a clean and tidy workplace can help prevent such issues from arising.

Boost In Employee Productivity

Happiness in the workplace influences productivity. The cleaner the environment, the better your employees will focus on their jobs. They’ll have difficulty focusing on the task at hand if they constantly worry about getting injured or falling sick while at work. Ultimately, cleanliness in the workplace can boost productivity considerably.

Implementing CLAYGO, even at the simplest level, can improve productivity. For instance, CLAYGO policies relating to the proper storage of supplies and materials can help improve productivity. That’s because employees can return to work faster when they quickly find and access supplies and materials.

Additionally, cleaning up as you go takes up less time compared to allowing cleaning tasks to pile up to be done later. The time savings will enable employees to focus on productive tasks.


Compliance With Requirements

There are laws and regulations designed to ensure employees work in a safe and healthy workplace. An excellent example is the stipulation that it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of those affected by the activities of the company/organization, whether they’re employees or not.

To this end, the responsibility extends to developing a safety program, including cleanliness policies. It also involves providing personal protective equipment. Companies can use CLAYGO to meet these regulations and laws.

Ensuring your workplace is clean and clutter-free plays a part in ensuring everyone is safe and healthy. Implementing CLAYGO policies in your business will encourage everyone to partake in enhance workplace health and safety initiatives.

A Clean Workplace Creates Good Impression with Clients

CLAYGO policies can help boost your image with clients. As you might appreciate, your clients will most likely develop an impression of your company based on the appearance of your premises. An unkempt office will create a subpar first impression among your client, even if you do excellent work.

It pays to keep your office clean and organized every time. A clean workplace communicates professionalism. It also helps your clients know that you care about your team. Ultimately, a clean workplace makes your workplace more attractive to partners and clients.

Keep in mind that the easiest way to keep your workplace clean is to contract professional office cleaners. However, adopting CLAYGO policies and a culture of cleanliness will go a long way in enhancing tidiness and cleanliness. It’s easier to remain clean when everyone in the office works to keep the office actually clean.

You can use CLAYGO to spark a sense of teamwork and initiative for workplace cleanliness. If you’ve not implemented a CLAYGO policy, now is the best time to try it out.

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