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The Money-Saving Benefits of Investing in Proper Entrance Matting

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Proper Matting is a Cost-Saving Investment

The floor is the first thing that people notice when they enter a building. Dirty, stained, or dull floors impact the indoor atmosphere and overall ambiance. Such an unkempt appearance detracts from your building and company’s image regardless of the efforts you have put into the décor. Housekeeping takes a substantial portion of many businesses and condo boards’ annual budgets, with floor cleaning and repair maintenance taking a significant portion of the allotted amount. But proper matting can be an effective solution to the problem, leading to savings on flooring upkeep. Below is how proper matting is a cost-saving investment.


Maintain Hygiene

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene during office hours can be challenging, especially when you have a high footfall on your premises during business hours. The floors become dirty and unsafe. They can also be a hazardous risk, especially when they have grime and dirt that can cause people to slip and fall. Installing the proper entrance matting can be an effective solution to prevent dirt, grit, and grime from accumulating inside your premises. The right mats can help keep your floors from getting dirty, slimy, or wet. They can also enhance the interior’s appearance. Employees, commercial building owners, and residents will have no issue returning to a building that they know is kept clean and is a safe environment.

Reduce Cleaning Expenses

Entrance matting can help lower cleaning expenses for retail spaces, condominiums, offices, and other commercial accommodation facilities. The traffic that walks in and out of a building tracks in dust and debris lodged in their shoe soles. The higher the footfall, the more the dirt and the higher the cleaning costs. However, installing mats covering the first fifteen feet of the entrance spots can improve your efforts to maintain a clean indoor environment, thus lowering your cleaning costs

Improve Indoor Air Quality

The dust and dirt that finds their way indoors will also be in the air, affecting the indoor air quality. The situation can be harmful to some people, especially those with allergic reactions to pollen and other particulates in the air. That means your business is likely to have reduced productivity due to employee absenteeism. The slump in productivity translates to a dip in revenue, which will prove costly for the business. Proper entrance matting can be a viable solution by enhancing cleanliness. The mats will trap dust, grime, and dirt as people walk in, which will lead to a cleaner indoor environment and better air quality. Such a hygienic setting can improve the employee’s morale and productivity.

office matting

 Protect the Flooring

Wear and tear on your flooring is inevitable, irrespective of the type of flooring – whether hardwood, concrete, tile, marble, or any other material. The floors will lose their luster if they do not have adequate protection. The type of finishing is crucial to the flooring’s resistance to scratches, stains, and other damage. However, dirt, grime, and dust can speed up wear and tear. Installing entrance matting can save your property from such costly damage and repairs. You can rely on quality entrance matting to protect and preserve the floor’s shade, color, surface texture, and overall appearance. You will also have minimal cleaning, which can lead to reduced maintenance costs.

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