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How to Identify if Your Cleaning Service is Well Done?

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How do you Identify if a Cleaning Service is Well Done?

Anytime you are acquiring a cleaning service, the service providers must meet a specific standard and follow a specific protocol for the job to be effective and complete. For this reason, there are things to look for that will help you identify if you are getting your monies worth.

A cleaning service needs to do its job promptly while maintaining a high standard of cleanness. Therefore, the million-dollar question is how do you identify if a cleaning service is well done? Below are a few areas to look at after the service to help you make that decision:

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The Floor

The floors should be the first thing to inspect. How do you go about it? Well, there are a few tricks and ways to identify a proper clean and a badly cleaned floor. You should:

Check all corners – If you find dirt in corners, it means the cleaning service did not take their time to clean.

Streaks on the floor – If you find streaks on the floor it means that the water used for cleaning was not clean.


If your cleaning service providers are offering detailed cleaning programs, then they should be able to offer dusting services. Dusting is important because dust collects easily, especially in places where people do not think to clean regularly. For this reason, the effective way to know that your service providers are doing a great dusting program, consider checking the following areas:

Window seals

Tops of cubicles

Top of cabinets

Chair legs

Top of desks

Picture frames



Mirrors And Glass

Cleaning glass and mirrors are very important, especially in a commercial building. That is because they play an important role in customer perception. What does this mean? Well, windows and glasses are the first things clients or customers look at or through. If they are not clean, they may have a certain perception about your business.

The Vents

Vents play an important role and need to be cleaned regularly. Since they help circulate air throughout a facility, if they are dirty, they may bring allergies and ailments. It is wise to double-check to see if the vents are clean or not clogged with dirt.

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Replenishing All Supplies

The cleaning aspect or service does not only revolve around cleaning but also replenishing important supplies related to cleanness. Different areas demand different supplies. All you have to do is check for these supplies to know if the cleaning service has done a great job. examples of cleaning supplies include:


Paper towels – the kitchen and bathroom areas

Garbage cans have been emptied

Purell dispensary stations

Toilet paper

The Kitchen Area

A kitchen is a very important area that must be kept clean. The kitchen is an area where everyone goes at one point or another during the day and it is the most touched place in the whole building.  For this reason, if there is a buildup of dust, crumbs, and food, it will become problematic to the whole organization or commercial building as it may attract bugs and rodents. When this happens, the kitchen will become a health hazard for everyone.

Therefore, when checking the kitchen, ensure that you check the following key spots: –

Fridge – Both the interior and exterior parts

Microwave – It should be spotless both inside and outside

Kitchen table – Ensure it is disinfected and cleaned

The floor – It should be mopped and swept with no crumbs lying around

Dishwasher – The dishwasher should be unloaded, and the clean dishes put away

Cabinets – It should be wiped down

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