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Five Things You Should Have Deep Cleaned in Your Workplace This Fall

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Deep cleaning your office…

Deep cleaning your office before the colder months set in is one habit that every business owner should take up. While spring cleaning is a good way to ensure your workspace gets a thorough cleaning, that doesn’t mean that you only clean your office once a year. To ensure that your workplace stays clean and hygienic, performing a thorough deep cleaning every three months could help ensure that the nasty things that appear in places you do not want them are all eliminated.

If you are currently thinking of deep cleaning your office this fall, here are five areas/things you should focus on to ensure you maintain a clean, healthy, and hygienic workspace.

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Air Filters

Air filters need to be changed regularly, especially after a long summer of your AC running all day long. When your filters become dirty, they get all clogged up, and that, in turn, reduces their efficiency. As a result, they no longer serve their intended purpose – filtering dust, dirt, and allergens from the air. If you work with pets or have employees that have allergies, you must have your filters changed regularly. Make sure the cleaning company you work with knows where your HVAC system is situated and that they have the tools they need to change your air filters. Alternatively, you could speak to your building manager and have them arrange this for you.


Clear and clean windows make any building look professional and well maintained. While the interior of most buildings gets cleaned all the time, the exterior part of a building is often the dirtiest due to pollution and dust. As a business owner, make sure you prepare your building for the winter with a thorough window deep clean. Talk to your cleaning services provider about having the outside part of your windows cleaned to ensure your business always looks its best through the winter months.

Fabric Surfaces

Fabric surfaces are prone to dust build-up, something that takes time developing, which means it might take a while before you even notice how filthy they are! Rugs, carpets, couches, and decorative pillows are amongst some of the fabric surfaces that could do with a good and thorough deep cleaning. If you have these items in your workplace and believe that they have not been cleaned in a while, get in touch with your cleaning services provider, or your building manager, and arrange to have all the fabric surfaces in your office deep cleaned. Having your fabrics cleaned could help reduce allergen levels in your office while leaving it looking and smelling fresh and clean.

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Alarm Systems

Most people don’t consider alarm systems to be a part of routine cleaning tasks, but it is a good habit to have them checked, and also cleaned, regularly to ensure they are working fine. Get in touch with your building manager and find out what security equipment they have in the building and how often they clean and test it. Cleaning security equipment involves ensuring that light fixtures and camera lenses are dusted for clearer views and that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors aren’t hampered by dust or any other debris and are working as intended.


Dishwashers, microwaves, and other appliances used in offices often get neglected. Ensuring that you wipe down the microwave after making a mess is the first step to keeping your workplace clean. For larger appliances like industrial coffee machines, dishwashers, or fridges, now is a good time to clean them and have them sanitized.

We are soon heading into a season where most of us will be spending a lot of time indoors. Therefore, ensuring that your workspace is safe, clean, and free of allergens is essential for the health of all who spend time in your office. As a business owner, make sure you plan to have your office deep cleaned this fall.

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