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The Added Value of Post Construction Cleaning

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How much value does post-construction cleaning add?

As we reflect on the past year, we hope that the coming days and years will be better. Even though property sales have changed over the last few months, new developments continue to pop up. As a construction owner, I am sure that you would like to serve your clients in the best way possible.

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After completing a structure be it residential or commercial, your priority is to ensure that the environment is functional, clean, and comfortable. To achieve this, it is a good idea to consider proper post-construction cleaning after completing your project. But how much value does post-construction cleaning add?

When you complete a residential or commercial structure, the final product may look spotless, but the construction process isn’t a clean process. Dirt and dust are likely to accumulate in a space that is open to the elements. Sub trades make many trips in and out and while they are working, they track mud, water, and leaves indoors. Usually, there are screws, nails, bits of insulation, shards of metal, litter, and pieces of electrical wiring in nooks and crannies of the structure.

Moreover, drywall and sawdust collect from the framing and boarding stages, respectively. Even though owners know about the debris, clients need to be aware. If your business is moving to a new building or you are moving to a new home, ensure that it is clean. A clean building is not only beautiful but also healthy.

What Is Post Construction Cleaning?

The first step in post-construction cleaning entails removing construction from the project site. Dust needs to be removed from the light fixture, ceiling pipes, vents, and ducts. If debris removal is not done properly, debris may enter into the ductwork and if surface cleaning is done, new tenants will breathe the dirt whenever they use their HVAC system.

Stains need to be tended to too and all surfaces (including trim work) need to be scrubbed, dusted, and vacuumed. Kitchens and bathrooms need to be fully sanitized, stainless steel needs to be polished, floors scrubbed, dusted, and vacuumed and walls wiped. Besides, windows including sills, glass, and frames need to be cleaned complete with the scraping and etching of any labels.

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Why You Should Hire Professionals for Post Construction Cleaning

Apart from thorough cleaning that provides value, hiring post-construction cleaning professionals can give you peace of mind as you can be sure that the job will be done safely. It is tempting to hire an unqualified, unlicensed company or do the job by yourself to save money. However, in case an accident happens, you may end up spending more money than you had set aside for post-construction cleaning.

Our team of experts works safely on-site while cleaning to help prevent injury. It is also beneficial to align yourself with a trusted cleaning company. You already know the quality of their work and the relationship can extend to new projects and regular janitorial maintenance on completed projects.

Disinfection Services for Construction Projects

At Professional Choice Cleaning, we offer quality Disinfection and Electrostatic Spray services to all those who need them. Post-construction cleaning and disinfection are very important. Keep in mind that different areas of your building collect dirt and debris during the building process. If you do not deal with dirt and debris as a business owner, they can negatively affect your bottom line.

If your client suspects or sees evidence of a cleaning job that has not been done properly, they are likely to make more maintenance or deficiency calls, and this reduces your profits. As a client, it is good to insist on the inclusion of post-construction cleaning in your contract or agreement as this has many benefits including benefits to your health.

Here at Professional Choice, we can handle any commercial area from, window cleaning, janitorial services, office cleaning, post construction cleaning, and industrial cleaning. We have experts in every area including floor care, strip and wax and finishing.

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