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Deep Cleaning Your Commercial Space


What to Expect When Your Office Building Is Deep Cleaned

Were you aware that your ongoing standard service is not always sufficient to keep your office free of germs? In addition to your ongoing cleaning schedule, it is essential to use commercial cleaning services. That is due to the fact that routine cleaning frequently overlooks spaces that require to be disinfected and hard-to-reach areas. When you decide to have your office building deep cleaned, you are making an investment in a healthy work environment. This ultimately results in high spirits and better productivity. In addition, with a pandemic such as Covid-19 spreading all over the world, it is even more critical to invest in high-quality office cleaning.

If you have not scheduled deep clean services for your office building yet, it is likely time for you to contact your cleaning company to discuss what options are available to you. Each workspace is different. However, the following are things you can expect from a deep cleaning session.


Thoroughly Wash Floors

If you are not familiar with how an office is deep cleaned, this might seem like a very basic step. However, in contrast to regular mopping, professional cleaners will ensure you get high-quality floor washing that results in spotless floors.

Sanitize Deep Corners

Professionals who are experienced in deep cleaning an office are sure to deal with the problem areas that you normally would not think to clean. Some examples include ledges, vents, and the top of the air conditioner. Some of the techniques and tools you can expect include the following:

A dusting tool for cleaning insect eggs, dust, and cobwebs hanging on top of the walls and ceilings.

A microfiber cloth that has been dipped in all-purpose diluted cleaner inside a spray bottle for cleaning overhead cabinets and tall cupboards.

Furniture polish and a stainless-steel disinfectant to guarantee that all stainless steel surfaces and furniture are cleaned safely and properly.

If you want to enjoy all of the benefits of having a clean office, it is very important that those hard-to-reach areas are cleaned. So when you hire individuals who know how to professionally clean an office, they will remove all of the harmful particles in the corners.

Disinfect Horizontal Surfaces and Touchpoints

Deep cleaning professionals know how to properly clean office desks. For best results, they thoroughly wipe down hard surface tables, furniture, and other touchpoints. A deep cleaning session also includes disinfecting these surfaces in addition to keyboards, phones, partition glass, shades, window blinds, etc.

clean hard floor

Clean Kitchenettes and Restrooms

When you have an office building deep clean, you can expect that the toilet bowls, walls, and other parts of the pantries and restrooms will be cleaned. Doing this helps to ensure that you eliminate any germs and bacteria that might be present. That helps to prevent the spread of illnesses and makes the space more visually appealing.

Other Things That You Can Expect

While deep cleaning, there are some other details you might forget about, but the professionals will take care of them for you. Below are a few examples:

Grout and tiles

Rugs and carpets

Electrical appliances


Ducts and vents

The options available to you can always be discussed when you have a deep clean scheduled for your office building. Most companies ideally should choose a quarterly routine for deep cleaning to always maintain the very best hygiene standards.

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