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Winter Office Cleaning Tips for A Clean and Healthy Workplace

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Winter Office Cleaning Tips

Winter, for many people, is a time for everyone to stay indoors.  This is also when most infections, diseases, and germs spread like wildfire both at home and in the workplace.  For this reason and more, you need to ensure office hygiene and cleanliness are observed at all times. Everything from door handles, computers and keyboards, the microwave and coffee maker in the kitchen, the floors, and surfaces should be kept clean to eliminate/reduce the spread of germs in the workplace. Here are a few tips on how to keep your business space spotlessly clean with minimal effort this winter.

parking lot in winter

Keep the Parking Lot Free of Ice and Snow

Allowing snow and ice to buildup in the parking lot only makes it harder to keep your business clean. Snow traps debris in car tires and boots, bringing it all into your workplace. Strive to keep the parking lot free from snow and ice as much as possible. You can either shovel it by hand, salt it down, use a chemical drier, or contract a plow service to keep it cleaned out. This simple measure will go a long way in keeping the business and office environment clean throughout the winter season.

Keep Your Floors Protected

Salt, ice, dust, and moisture are some of the elements your floor has to face every winter. These find their way into the business as employees and customers walk in, bringing in with them all manner of debris. Salt tends to eat away the floor surface (abrasion) while the ice melts on your floor, increasing moisture levels. This creates just the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to thrive.

Placing entrance mats at the door area helps trap excess salt, ice, and dust from everyone coming inside, saving you lots of time and money in the long run. You also want to have the floors swept, cleaned, and vacuumed to prevent salt, dust, and moisture buildup within the same. Make a habit of having all entrance mats and carpets vacuumed and cleaned regularly to eliminate the risk of dirt and salt damaging the carpet fibers.


Ensure the HVAC Systems Are in Their Top Condition

Good air quality is crucial, especially with everyone trying to stay/work indoors. With air indoors circulated four or five times within the office, you need to have your HVAC systems working at their optimal condition. Having the HVAC system services and maintained regularly, dirty air filters replaced, and air ducts cleaned out can improve overall air quality within the workplace.  Doing so will also help minimize/prevent dirt and germs from circulating throughout the office space, hence healthy and happier employees.

Have Every Inch of The Workspace Disinfected

The cold winter days will increase the risk of infections; another reason you need to take cleanliness a notch higher. Have the entire workplace area disinfected to kill any possible germs hiding on the surfaces and crevices. An electrostatic spray system (e.g., Clorox® Total 360™ System or EnviroShield) makes it possible to effectively disinfect every inch of the workspace. This system works by releasing an electrostatic charge and the disinfectant solution, which increases the disinfectant’s spread and ability to cling on surfaces. This, in return, kills even the most notorious germs and viruses, including the Avian Flu, Legionella, MRSA, Swine Flu, E-coli, Listeria, Salmonella, and norovirus, among many others.

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Use the Services of a Professional Cleaner

While encouraging your staff members to keep their workspaces clean may help, there are times when you’ll need a professional cleaner to help. Professional cleaning companies have all that it takes to clean even the toughest of stains and keep your floors and surfaces as clean as possible. Some of the best cleaners will ensure the entire office space is sanitized, leaving it sparkling clean and germ-free. A clean working environment means fewer or no employees will get sick, hence improved productivity despite the cold weather.