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Hand Sanitization – Does It Really Help Prevent Illnesses?

hand sanitizer in the office

Hand Sanitization – Does It Really Help Prevent Illnesses?

Are you confused about hand sanitization? Are you questioning the effectiveness of hand sanitization? Are you questioning if it really helps in preventing illnesses? Well, all these are valid questions, especially now, when we are all dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. We see hand sanitizers everywhere, from the supermarkets, airports, to the gym.

However, the million-dollar question is, do they have an impact on the transmission of cold and other germs? Well, below is everything you need to know about hand sanitizers.

hand sanitizer in the office

No One Really Knows …

The truth to the effectiveness of hand sanitizers is that – no one really knows. That is because there is a lack of reputable studies on the efficacy of hand sanitizers. However, what is clear is; good personal hygiene (such as cleaning hands) makes a huge difference. In fact, there are a lot of studies that show good hand hygiene cuts down infections or illnesses significantly.

The key is stopping the spread of illnesses by breaking the chain of transmission from one person to the next. The truth is that proper hand washing or sanitization can accomplish this easily. What if where you are hand washing is not possible? Well, in such a scenario, hand sanitization is the answer. It is the ideal answer when regular hand washing isn’t possible or practical.

When we talk about hand sanitization effectiveness, several ‘transmission points’ come to mind. A good example is the handrail of a grocery or supermarket cart. On the other hand, since we practically do everything with our hands, they tend to carry all sorts of pathogens, germs, and even food debris. Therefore, when a person touches the handrail on a grocery cart, we create a chain of transmission. This is why today, many supermarkets offer alcohol-based wipes, which is used to keep everything clean. As a shopper, you do not really lose anything by using them.

The fact is that every surface around us is covered with bacterial and other types of germs. As experts have proven, a majority of the bacteria and viruses are harmless. Nonetheless, to protect yourself from those that are harmful, we must take cautionary measures by washing our hands during the day or after using anything that can be accessed by the public, such as transport, washroom, and others. This is very important, especially during cold or winter or the flu season.

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Is Hand Sanitization Enough in A Commercial Setting?

The sad truth is that hand sanitization is not enough in a commercial setting. The reason being these areas are high traffic locations, and the only solution is regular and thorough cleaning. As such, commercial entities do require the services of professional cleaners. At Professional Choice, we have a team trained and ready to employ the latest cleaning solutions. We are a professional office cleaning solution in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

With our service, you won’t have to worry about the effectiveness of hand sanitizer because everything will be clean at the source. Our trained professionals focus on everything, including telephones, keyboards, and even touchscreens if requested. All high traffic areas will be given emphasis, including areas such as the employee kitchen, public washrooms, waiting areas, and others. Hygiene is the key to health.  Contact us today for all of your commercial cleaning needs.

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