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Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Trustworthy Enough to Be Left Unsupervised?


Commercial cleaning services will more often than not require after hours entry into your building. After all, you probably don’t wish to have your clients or customers interrupted by the cleaning crew. This becomes a major security risk when the nature of your company requires discretion and letting a cleaning company in unsupervised is a high-risk factor.

Police stations, prisons, government buildings and banks all have this problem. After all, even a minor security leak could permanently mar their reputations.

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Before hiring a cleaning company, it’s important to know that they have your best interests at heart, which is why they should be doing the following:

Mandatory Background Checks

You need to ensure that your future cleaning company screens and runs thorough background checks on all of their employees. You wouldn’t want someone with a criminal past to walk around alone at night in your office building. Bear in mind, background checks should also include any potential police reports.

Drug Testing Requirements

An honest and trustworthy commercial cleaning company can provide some type of proof that they drug test all of their employees on a regular basis. Due to privacy laws, they won’t provide you with the background or names of specific individuals, but they can show evidence that they run drug tests. For example, they can provide the name of the company they use to run the results.

Bi-Lingual Communication

Many commercial cleaning companies employ people with limited knowledge of the English language, or they may not even speak English at all. It is important that when you hire a team of cleaners, there is at least one person fluent in English and can reasonably translate for others that don’t understand. A lack of communication is detrimental to your building, and the cleaning team may miss hazard zones or sensitive areas.

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Bonded and Insured Is A Must

You can’t take a chance on a company that isn’t properly bonded and insured. Regardless of how rigorous the hiring process is for a cleaning company; a bad person can slip through the cracks. The important thing is that in case of damage or theft, your company will be properly compensated. This can only happen if the commercial cleaning company is bonded and fully insured.

Double Check References

Know what you’re getting into by hiring a commercial cleaning company. Check with past clients and see if they were satisfied with the services. More importantly, find out how much experience the employees working have. Definitely take the time to ask other businesses if they are satisfied with the cleaning company in question. It’s also recommended that you dig a little deeper using the Internet and read reviews, complaints, or comments online.

There is no foolproof way to screen any potential cleaning company you may look to work with. However, through your research and even gut feelings you can usually get a good idea of what to expect. More importantly, think about the demeanor of the consultant working with you before passing judgment.

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