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Reopening During COVID-19:  Checklist for Back to Work


Making Reopening Plans …

With certain areas allowing some businesses to reopen and easing their stay-at-home orders, it is time for HR departments, facility managers, and business owners to start making reopening plans.

Using the official guidelines from the CDC, Commercial Cleaning Corporations has developed the following checklist to help you create, implement, and maintain your reopening plan so that your employees and customers can safely return.

Step 1. Create Your Plan

You first need to determine what kinds of objects, materials, and surfaces are contained in your facility.

Determine what must be cleaned

Objects and surfaces that are not touched frequently should still be clean, but it is not necessary to disinfect them

If your school, office or other facility has not been occupied for at least 7 days, only routine cleaning is required to reopen

Typically, outside areas will only need regular cleaning to be done, but not disinfection

Determine what must be disinfected

Consult the EPA-approved disinfectant list to determine what should be used based on the type of material

Surfaces that are touched frequently like toilets, touchscreens, keyboards, phones, countertops, and doorknobs will need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis

Porous and soft materials that are not touched often should be cleaned based on the item’s label. Seating and rugs can be stored or removed to reduce your cleaning and disinfecting tasks

Determine the equipment and resources that you will need

Make sure that personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfectants, and cleaners are available

Always wear the appropriate gloves for the chemicals that you are using


Step 2. Get Your Plan Implemented

Read the instructions carefully for whatever cleaning and disinfecting products that you are using and put on the appropriate PPE and gloves before you start

Clean all objects and surfaces that are visibly dirty using water and soap

Once you have finished cleaning, thoroughly wash your hands with water and soap for 20 seconds

Use the appropriate disinfectant or cleaning products that meet your needs

To determine what products are appropriate for your specific needs, refer to the EPA’s approved disinfectant and cleaners list

Make sure to follow the instructions that are on the product’s label

Follow the label’s instructions for any cleaning or disinfecting product that you use in terms of dilution, concentrations, application method, the appropriate contact time as well as other relevant special considerations

cleaning supplies

Step 3. Revise and Maintain Your Plan as Necessary

Continue following your plan and make any necessary revisions based on updated local, state, and federal guidelines

Continue to clean and disinfect regularly

Surfaces that are touched frequently by multiple individuals should be cleaned and also disinfected once a day at least

Maintain safe behavioral practices

Continue to follow safe behavioral practices including washing hands frequently, social distancing, wear a cloth face cover and stay at home when sick

Consider practices that help to reduce potential exposure

Wipe public surfaces down before and after you have touched them

Don’t Try to Confront COVID-19 All on Your Own

When there are numerous individuals under a single roof, it can be hard to maintain a sanitary and clean workplace on your own. Commercial cleaning companies use special tools for fighting against disease, which can include electrostatic disinfection technology. They also stock a comprehensive selection of supplies, including disinfectant wipes and sprays, sanitizing systems, and hand soaps. Allow us to keep your industrial facility, office, or another type of commercial property germ-free and clean. For all of your commercial cleaning needs, contact us today.

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