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5 Office Spring Cleaning Tips for Businesses


Cleaning Tips for the Office

With the summer season approaching, spring cleaning the office should be well underway or perhaps even finished! The temperatures are getting warmer, and this can mean more foot traffic in your office. An office is an important part of the business image, which is why it is important to maintain hygiene and ensure that proper cleaning of the working space is done.

Office cleaning can be intensive and time-consuming for many businesses. Cleaning the office should not be overwhelming. An easier option is preparing a plan beforehand. When you have a plan in place, you can easily simplify and expedite the process. There are some tips that will prove to be helpful when it comes to cleaning, especially in the preparation stages.

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Here are 5 office spring cleaning tips that will go a long way:

Dividing the office into sections

Before you can get started with spring cleaning, try dividing the office into different sections. When you do this, you will have an easier time identifying areas of your office that need the most attention. Dividing the office into sections will also help you in determining the cleaning supplies and cleaning services needed to clean the office.

Once the office has been divided into sections, start cleaning each section one by one. You should not clean another section before being done with the current one. If you fail to divide the office into sections, you run the risk of wasting your time and missing some spots in the office.

Cleaning your desk

Once you have a plan in place, it is time to start the actual process of cleaning. The first area people often start cleaning first is their office desk. The items that can remain on the desk are the important items and valuables. These include phones, computers, laptops, notepads, and pens.

If the desk has drawers, then make sure they only contain important or current documents. The idea is having all you are going to need within your arm’s reach.

Cleaning your furniture

The perfect time to clean furniture is the beginning of a new season. If you want the furniture cleaned, then it’s best to wait until everyone has left the office. It is important to use a disinfectant to wipe down the surfaces when cleaning the office. You will also need to polish the furniture and dust your shelves. To avoid the accumulation of dirt, then make sure you clean furniture on a regular basis. This can be monthly, weekly, or seasonally.

Cleaning your floors

Spring involves rain and mud, which makes it even more important to make sure that every part of the office is clean after the spring-cleaning project. When people take their tea break or lunch break, clean the floor quickly. Any time a person leaves their workstation, take advantage of that time to clean. This will help you in eliminating any chances of a buildup of dirt in the office.

If you want to see great results, then it is a good idea to hire a professional office cleaning company. You can hire an office cleaning service who will come and do general floor cleaning once or twice a week, depending on the needs of your business.

Cleaning from top to bottom

This refers to a systematic approach to cleaning the office. It doesn’t make any sense to start by vacuuming the room then dusting it after. When this is done, the dust is going to fall back on the office floor, which will force it to be re-vacuumed. The last thing you want is to do the same cleaning task twice. The best way of avoiding this problem is by planning accordingly and establishing a logical order of cleaning. The best approach in such a case is dusting the room before vacuuming it.