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The Importance of Professional Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Services

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Professional Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Services – Are you Caring for Your Investment?

If you are under the assumption that special maintenance isn’t necessary for your hard surface floors, you are wrong.

Routine cleaning and treatment are still required when dealing with the toughest flooring material. It is a fact that vinyl, tile, and concrete floors don’t have the capacity to retain debris and dirt as compared to carpets. Still, they certainly get dirty. Without proper care and cleaning, loss of their finishing may occur. They may also get scratched. Besides, intense pressure or heat may cause them to buckle and crack.

Most business owners seem unmoved with these potential problems. In fact, they seem satisfied with the flooring maintenance practices that they use.

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Regular sweeping and mopping of floors aren’t all that should be done

You need the help of professionals like as at Professional Choice to get it right in regards to the appearance and long-term durability of your floors. Our experienced cleaning experts possess the relevant knowledge to determine not only what problems your floor may be facing; but also the right chemicals, cleaning methods and equipment to solve such issues. Distinct training on hard surface flooring is undergone by our experts. They also use specialized cleaning products while on-site. We are better equipped to deal with your hard surface floors than anyone else.

Professional Choice offers a variety of servicing options for hard surface flooring. Comprehensive services are offered for any flooring material. This applies to vinyl floors as well as any hard surface there in between.

The services offered include:

– Stripping, sealing, and refinishing tile floors (Ceramic, terrazzo, VCT)

– Buffing and scrubbing tile floors

– Ceramic tile and grout rejuvenations

– Re-coating and scrubbing tile floors

– High-speed burnish tile floors

– Sealing concrete floors

Our cleaning experts possess relevant experience within diverse industries. Whether you work within a medical facility, a manufacturing facility, a restaurant, a financial institution, or a retailer, we have the skills to find out the problems specific to each industry. For instance, we use special cleaners with kitchen setups that are highly effective when it comes to doing away with grease, killing germs and dismantling compressed food particles. Regardless of the industry that your business operates in, anticipate experiencing the following benefits once you contact us to care for your hard surface floors.

Improved Appearance

The floors will look better and this is the first thing that you’ll note once we’re done. This is critical for you if the floors that we cleaned are in a retail setting. They help create a great first impression. A more professional image is also developed. Your employees will also notice a difference. A cleaner workplace is a better place for both clients and employees.

Reduced Long-Term Damage Risks

At PCC, we care for your floors to prevent any long-term damage. Not only do we strive to do that, but we also look into any potential problems that you may face. A loose tile may just be a loose tile for you. For us, we see the possibility of many more tiles getting damaged. In such cases, we do all that we can to evade such a scenario. We are aware of the causes of these issues, how to deal with them, and how to stop any re-occurrence. This helps you save money.

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Reduced Injury Risk

One of the likeliest ways for customers and employees to get injured within the workplace setup is through slips and falls. On average it costs about $22,800 for a slip and fall accident. This is a cost that you certainly do not want to incur within your business. We can help you in the prevention of slippery buildups by regularly conducting your hard surface flooring maintenance. We can also help with any uneven floors.

Make sure you contact us today to find out more information on how PCC can assist your business meet its hard surface flooring needs.

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