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Clean Office, Clean Windows – Make A Great First Impression!


Nothing Makes a Better First Impression Than Clean …

All businesses know how important it is to make a good first impression on customers. Besides the service received, customers also form a first impression based on the business premise. Office cleaners help keep business premises clean and presentable always so that you never have to worry about being judged negatively by customers based on the appearance of your office.

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Cleanliness is Noticed by Customers

If you work in a commercial space such as an office every day, you might fail to notice the buildup of grime over time. Your customers, on the other hand, are more likely to notice dirt and mess once they step into the building and it could easily be the reason for them not to do business with you. You can avoid putting off people before you even get started with making your sales pitch by hiring an office cleaning service to keep the dirt away.

Be Clean and Professional

Part of offering your customers a professional service involves maintaining a clean and tidy environment. If you keep the working environment clean as well as tidy, customers will get the impression that your whole business is equally well organized. A cluttered or dirty space will make them form an opposite impression.

Create an Environment That’s Pleasant

A retail or office space that’s regularly cleaned is a pleasant environment for both your employees and customers to spend time in. Being in an environment that looks and smells clean can help improve everybody’s mood as compared to spending time in a dirty environment. Hiring office cleaners to ensure that the place is clean can help boost the morale of your employees and put your customers in a better mood when they visit your office, which increases the chances of positive business interactions taking place.

Use a Professional Cleaning Company

Using a professional cleaning company is the best way to ensure that your business premises stay clean. Managers and employees are far too busy doing their jobs to do deep cleaning, which is why it makes sense to outsource this critical business function. A professional cleaning company will clean all spaces efficiently without disturbing the employees or customers using it. It is always advisable to choose a cleaning service with uniformed cleaning crews with photo ID to maintain the professional atmosphere you want to create on your business premises.

Get the Cleaning Services You Require

Professional Choice offers reputable office cleaning services that let you create your own cleaning schedule. This means that you can have the office cleaned outside the operating hours of your business. Your customers will notice that your office is always clean but will never be disturbed by cleaners should you choose such a schedule. You can choose a plan that offers the exact amount of cleaning your retail or office space need, no matter how small or large your business premises are.

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Cleaning Windows & Some Common Customer FAQs

It is important to have clean windows to create a great first impression as explained above. It is perhaps more important than all other reasons since your storefront is first and probably the last impression that customers have of your business. To manage this impression effectively, the windows at your business premises should also always be clean.

Without a doubt, clean windows present and promote a much more positive image of the business compared to cloudy and dingy windows. It is important to choose the most appropriate time to get your windows cleaned. To help you make an informed decision, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about window cleaning.

What is the Most Suitable Time for Window Cleaning?

Simply put, it is never a bad time to clean the windows and you cannot clean windows too much. While some have raised concerns about cleaning their windows during winter, the rule of thumb is that it is always an appropriate time to clean your windows whenever they are dirty.

What’s a Cleaning Schedule?

Developing a cleaning schedule is the best practice for having your company’s windows cleaned. It is important to develop a schedule that ensures that your windows are clean for as many months as possible. For instance, if your windows are cleaned after the spring, the window cleaning can last you for at least several months. In contrast, cleaning the windows in the middle of spring will mean that your windows will have to be cleaned shortly after because of the abundance of pollen.

Will Cleaning Windows Get Rid of Hard Water Stains or Damage?

Removing hard water stains is one of the most common reasons why business owners schedule window cleanings. If your company’s windows come into contact with hard water, mineral deposits will typically build up on them. While the hard water is almost always from sprinklers, hard water can be the result of metal oxidation, masonry run-offs, and various other sources.

In any case, failing to get your windows cleaned will probably result in mineral deposit damage. To fix the damage, the window cleaning company can use a sealant to treat the window. The sealant fills the microscopic crevices in the glass effectively and gets rid of the hooks that attract the minerals.

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Does Rain Water Make Windows Dirty?

Rain does not leave windows dirty, as unbelievable as that might sound. Since rain is relatively clean and free of chemicals, it does not leave water spots. People usually associate rain with dirty windows since the windows were dirty to begin with. Simply put, if dirty windows get wet, the result is mud on the windows.

When you choose a company to clean your windows, it is important that the contractor cleans the window screens and frame. All the exterior glass should also be cleaned using a pure water solution that does not leave any messy residue behind. As a result, once rain comes into contact with the windows, you will be left with the same clean windows as you had prior to the rain.

Your Windows Reflect Your Business

One of the first aspects of your business that potential customers see is your windows, which is why they should always be clean and represent your business properly. If potential clients see your business as being unkempt, their perception of the services that you offer may be clouded too. A better idea would be to have an excellent outward appearance that will attract more customers.

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