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Why Not Have a Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Checklist?

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You might remember that when the news reported on the story of drinking glasses being scrubbed with toxic Lysol by hotel maids, or other common items being handled in bathrooms like the little shampoo bottles and soap dispensers, while wearing the gloves that they cleaned the toilet with. The video footage that proved the practice ended up going viral and millions of people got the heebie-jeebies just seeing it. It caused a major uproar within the hospitality industry to get things cleaned up.

Although it is shocking, the poor practices that some establishments use highlights the need for implementing and following proper protocols to make sure that restrooms are clean.

The Economic Impact that Dirty Restrooms Have

The importance of having clean restrooms goes beyond just hotels. Having a dirty restroom experience impacts numerous kinds of businesses, particularly those welcoming guests, like other types of hospitality establishments and restaurants. It is estimated that 3 out of 10 patrons of a restaurant who has a negative bathroom experience will never go back to that restaurant again, and 50% of those who had a bad experience state they would tell others about their experience. This type of feedback might occur as a long online rant that ends up going viral, a negative review on Yelp, sharing photos on social media, or in a simple conversation with people they know.

It is clear that a dirty public restroom has a negative impact. However, what about restrooms that are used by workers in manufacturing facilities or office environments?

A disinfected and clean restroom helps with preventing illness-causing germs from being spread like norovirus, E. coli, and Salmonella, which are commonly found in restrooms. Whenever this results in employees getting sick, it impacts the bottom line of the company. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that productivity losses that are linked to absenteeism end up costing employers $225.8 billion per year in the U.S. or $1,685 per employee.


Developing a Restroom Cleaning Checklist

It is clearly very important to have scheduled maintenance and set protocols for your restrooms, for any type of business. Although your frequency and specific needs for maintenance might vary, the following is a basic detailing of the kinds of tasks that you will want to ensure are covered by your cleaning service provider on a regular basis.


Inspect dryers and paper dispensers to make sure they are in good working order
Fill and restock towel dispensers, toilet paper, and soap
Sweep and mop floors, and make sure to clean behind and around toilets as well as other areas that are hard to reach
Monitor and empty trash receptacles before they are completely full
Wipe down counters and sinks
Sanitize and clean urinals and toilets, including the handles
Empty and disinfect feminine hygiene dispensers and insert new liners
Disinfect stall locks and door handles, both outside and inside
Shine and clean mirrors
Make sure that all light bulbs work


Wipe down cabinetry, stall door, and hardware bout outside and inside
Dust all light bulbs, light fixtures, and surfaces
Clean any windows, where applicable
Check toilets, pipes, and faucets for any leaks
Inspect drains to make sure they remain free of clogs


Wipe all walls down to remove particles and dust clinging to surfaces
Scrub grout and tile and deep clean floors
Clean tops and trims on doors, and baseboards
Clean overhead fixtures like sprinklers, lighting, vents, and ceiling fans



Encourage Diligence

It is very important as well that employees be diligent when it comes to maintaining properly functioning and clean restrooms in order to keep your company’s reputation upheld and to ensure everyone’s health and safety. If anyone notices a stall needing attention or that a trash can is full, make sure they know they are expected and empowered to inform your cleaning service provider or facilities maintenance team.

Asking your employees to deal with bathroom duties might not be in the best interests or your employees or your company. Regular maintenance is very time consuming and might detract from the overall morale and productivity of your employees. It also can be costly to ensure you have the right mixture of cleaning supplies and solutions.

In order to maintain the reputation of your company, save money on having to buy cleaning supplies and reduce the responsibilities of your employees, let the experts at Professional Choice Cleaning do the cleaning for you. For your free, no-obligation assessment and consultation of your needs, contact us. We are always very happy to help.